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Anton Bruckner: “Six Stages of Life”
Sängerbund Processional
1.Die Geburt (The Birth)
2.Träumen und Wachen (Dreaming and Awakening)
3.An dem Feste (At the Festival)
4.Zur Vermählungsfeier (For the Wedding Ceremony)
5.Um Mitternacht (At Midnight) with Claire Hollocks, Soprano
6.Am Grabe (At the Grave)

Anton Bruckner: Two Aequale, arranged for Four Trombones by Adrian Taylor

Johannes Brahms:
Ich Schwing mein Horn ins Jammertal (I Play My Horn in the Vale of Tears)
Freiwillige Her! (Volunteers Come Forward!)
Es ist ein Ros’ Entsprungen (Lo How a Rose E’er /Blooming), arr. Ken Shifrin

Ludwig van Beethoven: “Poco Sostenuto” from Drei Equale

J. S. Bach: Vor Deinen Thron Tret ich (I Come Before Thy Throne), arr. Ken Shifrin

Daniel Speer:
Concertante for Two Alto Trombones and Bass, arr. Ken Shifrin
Sonata for Two Alto Trombones and Bass, arr. Ken Shifrin

Remo Giazzotti: “Albinoni” Adagio for Strings and Organ, arr. Ken Shifrin for Three Tenor Trombones and Bass Trombone
Johann Albrechtsberger: Motetto, arr. Ken Shifrin
Lowell Shaw: Frippery No. 2 (“Barnacle Bill Meets Popeye”)
Traditional: Amazing Grace (Ken Shifrin, Solos and Vocals), arr. David Machell
Jay Gorney/Yip Harburg: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Ken Shifrin, Solos and Vocals), arr. Guy Turner
Chuck & Huel Murphy: Santa Plays the Trombone in the North Pole Band (Ken Shifrin, Solos and Vocals), arr. Guy Turner
Hughie Cannon: Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Go Home!, arr. Mike Willens
John Gourlay: Nepeta Cataria (Catnip)